Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Galveston 'Command' Coin Now Available...

The USS Galveston coin that was designed and produced in response to the USS Wayne Meyer DDG108 request (see posts below) is now available for all to purchase. The coin is 1.75" in diameter, cast in 3D and epoxy coated. The coin looks even better than the photos here. All who have seen the coin claim it is absolutely beautiful. In fact, the chief on the USS Meyer who was our liaison for the mast stepping ceremony told us that the Galveston coin is "by far the best looking ship's coin I have ever seen", and he's seen a lot of ship's coins in his career.

The coins are $10.00 each, postage included. We'll get the coin and an order form on the ships store page a little later, but for now simply mail a check (payable to Keith Hedley) for the number of coins you want to:

Keith Hedley
317 Bowsman Ct.
Oakland, CA 94601

Be sure to indicate where the coins are to be mailed to.