Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ship's Clock Raffle

Recently Soupy distributed an email regarding the Ship’s Clock raffle at this year’s reunion. For those shipmates who’ve never been to a reunion and for those of us who have, but can’t remember squat, I decided to ask a few questions and here’s what I’ve learned.

Beginning in 1992, now deceased shipmate Leroy Wagner began the tradition of a Galveston Ship’s Clock raffle when he handcrafted a wooden plaque to display a brass, ships chronometer (a navy clock for you land lubbers). Leroy refused any compensation for his effort with all proceeds from the raffle directly benefiting the Shipmate’s Association. When Leroy passed a few years later, his shipmate and good buddy Bobby Sajdera picked up the tradition and has continued to donate clocks without reimbursement ever since. Now Bobby’s not feeling up to continuing his contribution which over these many years has without question been above and beyond the call of duty. How much longer will there be a clock raffle?

In the past, up to three clocks have been won in each year’s raffle and most recently one or two of those clocks were provided through a business Soupy located. But even Soupy is the first to admit his clocks aren’t quite as good as Bobby’s. Today, there’s three of Bobby’s clocks left. It’s up to our President (no pressure on Stan) to decide how many of Bobby’s clocks will be included in this year’s raffle.

This brings me back to Soupy’s email. He says, only $170 worth of clock raffle tickets have been sold @ 5 tickets for $10. Remember you don’t have to be at the reunion to win. The clock will be shipped to you. Also, if you are absent, with the first ticket drawn, you will receive the traditional clock.

Even though, I’m unable to attend this year’s reunion, I’m going to honor Leroy and Bobby with a $10 chance / contribution. Want to join me? Send your check made out to USS Galveston CLG3 to 310 Monroe Ave., Edgewater Park, New Jersey 08010-1822. Soupy will mail back your stubs.

2007 winner, Mr. Lucky, with Soupy