Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last USS Galveston Captain Speaks at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC

Well, it's been a bit over a year so I guess it's time to get this posted. Last June several of us travelled to Washington DC to participate in the unveiling of the USS Galveston Commemorative Plaque at the Navy Memorial (

There are two videos to view. The first one acknowledges the efforts of Stan Shock, the significant financial contribution of our shipmate Ralph Batson, and has photos of the various speakers and attendees.

The second video is the entire speech by the last commanding officer of the Galveston; RADM James Montgomery (retired). The admiral gives a great talk and I was able to locate a special item he mentions towards the end of the video and include it.

I might yet post the comments made by the son of VADM Colwell, the first C.O., but if anyone wants to see the video of Soupy, Stan Shock or Linda 'Sweethang' Hawkins, you'll have to pay me first!

Go to the ship's history page and then click on 'Videos'... Keith Hedley