Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calling All USS Galveston History Buffs

We recently received the very last official Navy document that mentions the Gal. It's the SEALED BID FOR SCRAPPING you see above.

The bid document has been scanned and posted on our web site for those of you that may want to know the details. Well, at least the relevant pages have. The bid also covers the USS Los Angeles, CA-135. After we finished with the document it was sent on to the LA shipmates association. They have posted it on their web site as well, and forwarded the original to the Maritime Museum of Los Angeles.

The bid document may be of more interest to our engineering guys as it covers mostly big chunks of things like pumps and turbines. But there are a few other tidbits. For example, the bid specifies that the Navy will retain certain items such as the anchors, a bunch of the armor plating, and 200 feet of that beautiful teak wood from the main deck.

Anybody want to volunteer to find one of the anchors and bring it to a reunion like we did the ship's bell?

Seriously, it would be nice to find the wood and get some of it for souvenirs.

I don't know about the anchor, but here's how you can find the bid... from the main page click on Ships History... then Timeline... then scroll down to 1975 where you click on the "Info" link next to the the bid entry. Now, be advised, it takes about 30 to 45 seconds to download (on broadband - sorry Ted) the whole thing. You will see an introduction page telling you about the good man who sent it to us and then you can page through - note the zoom magnification buttons on top - and read to your heart's content.