Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shipmate, Ralph Batson, Funds Memorial Plaque

After a lot of discussion at the (2008 Reunion) meeting both pro and con, the negatives about the money and how to deal with it, Ralph Batson stood up and said that he would donate the whole $3000 for the plaque. Once Ralph did this the votes for was an overwhelming majority.

About the Commemorative Plaque Program

The Commemorative Plaque Wall offers individuals and groups the opportunity to create a permanent memorial by sponsoring a plaque dedicated to an individual, group, ship, squadron, command, battle or event within the U.S. Sea Services, while supporting the mission of the Navy Memorial. The plaques are publicly displayed within the Naval Heritage Center and on the Internet, where they are viewed by thousands of veterans, families, friends, tourists and school groups who visit Washington or browse our website.Each plaque is an archival Silvaloy plate measuring seven by three and three-quarter inches and is created by our Graphic Designer in co-operation with the plaque's sponsor. Plaques can include pictures, text, group insignias, logos, and other graphical elements.

Plaque sponsors are given a picture of the plaque on a CD-ROM and can use the image to create coffee cups, fabric patches, baseball caps, or other items using the picture.

Each sponsor is also entitled to a dedication ceremony in our newly RENNOVATED theater. During the ceremony, a member of the Memorial's leadership team will give a speech honoring the sponsors of the plaque, in addition to any other speakers from the sponsoring group. Often, Plaque Dedications are done in conjunction with a scheduled reunion in the greater Washington D.C. area. These events are frequently very meaningful to the participants.

Thanks, Ralph