Thursday, November 6, 2008

Burial at Sea – still an option


While surfing the internet, I found that the US Navy permits veterans with an honorable discharge to be buried at sea from a US Navy vessel. They can handle both cremated and casketed remains, however the casketed handling seems pretty complicated and expensive. But for someone like me who has already decided on cremation and loves a good deal, this is a real find. All my wife has to do is mail my burial urn, a returnable burial flag, and a filled out form to a special address listed on the website.

One down side to the program is that family members are not allowed to attend the burial service. Still, I find the idea of going to sea one last time alone appealing, and my wife says she expects to be busy interviewing gardeners and handy-men, so even this works for us.

To find out more click on following link:

Bob Rank
BM2 66-68