Monday, October 6, 2008

USS Galveston Shipmates at DDG-108 Mast Stepping

At the USS Wayne E. Meyer mast stepping ceremony in Bath, Maine on October 17 there will be a USS Galveston challenge coin included in the mast box. This is being done to commemorate the admiral's time aboard the Galveston as a fire control and gunnery officer. Additionally, we will be providing the Navy personnel running the ceremony a second challenge coin (also referred to as a command coin) that is to be presented to RADM Meyer as a token of our shared bond as shipmates of the USS Galveston. The presentation box is pictured above.

IF THERE IS ANY GAL SHIPMATE WHO COULD ATTEND THE CEREMONY... please contact Keith Hedley ( or call 415-298-1964) and we may be able to have you make the presentation of the coin... no speeches!

The coin shown above will be available for all to purchase soon after the mast stepping.