Monday, April 8, 2013

New Slide Show on Your Website

If you were aboard the Gal between 1961 and 1964, you might recognize some of the faces in a video, slide show just added to the Ships History / Video page.  The slide show was submitted by shipmate Charles Renshaw  (FN R-division 61-64)  who says it was put together by his grandson. 

Before sending me the DVD containing the slide show, Charles sent Keith and me an email wondering why there hadn't been any activity on this blog since 2011.  We both sort of told him it's the shipmate's website -- not Bob & Keith's. It will only remain interesting, if the association members continue to submit photos, videos, articles of interest...

If you haven't digitized your old photos yet, it's never been easier to get it done.  Walgreens Drug Store will copy photos to a DVD  for 49 cents an image plus about $10 for the DVD.  Better yet tell your kids or grand kids that a digital record of your Navy days would make a great gift -- much better than another ______ (insert here whatever you have more than enough of already).  Then send me a copy -- I'll return it if requested.  Just email me and I'll reply with mailing instructions.

It's your website -- it's up to you.
Bob Rank, BM3, 1966-68