Friday, July 15, 2011

Navy Terminology List Added

Our shipmate, Dave Love, sent us a link to a interesting web page built by the USN having a long list of navy terms and their origin. I enjoyed reviewing the list and learned some things to boot *.

Rather than just copying the link here, I decided to copy the whole list to our website in the "Ship's History" area accessible from the home page. I figured the Navy owes us something. I also added a submission form where anyone can send additional words with origins to grow the list.

Check it out. Go to the Galveston Home Page, click on menu item Ship's History, then click anchor next to Naval Terminology.

* To boot -- term has nothing to do with footwear. The 'boot' is thought to be a derivative of the earlier old English 'bat' meaning 'good or useful'.

Finally, this picture is not my buddy Dave Love and really has nothing to do with anything. Any objections?

Bob Rank
BM3 1966-68